Florais da Amazonia

Zde předávám slovo své učitelce aby popsala svůj přístup a kontext práce s léčivými rostlinnými esencemi…

Maria Alice Campos Freire

In the Amazonian rainforest I found a very elevated expression of the Divine, a virtuous manifestation of the power and creation of God. The Forest presents itself as a spiritual entity, a guardian of many mysteries, a dedicated teacher. Living within it I feel graced with a special kind of health, because in it all my suffering transmutes into hope. I feel calm and trust a profound connection with the Creator. In this maternal fortress I recieve healing in the total sense, because the Forest teaches me harmony and guides me in encountering myself and overcoming all obstacles that separate my body and my spirit.

In the midst of this great population of trees, vines and plants, i discovered individuals full of wisdom and collected many friends. With the passing of the years they revealed their hearts to me. This was when I began to understand the intimate nature of the flowers. And, feeling myself also as a created being, I was able to be a sister to all that creation. Coming to know creation in the flowers, I looked for my own flower and I found my heart. Sweet mystery…

For 15 years I have been involved with illness and its healing, with public and personal health, with attending and treating sickness of body, mind and heart. I always found much healing in the plants because in them the soul and the body are in harmony. God gave them the freedom to exist in plentitude, but not to act against their existence. The plants always look for the best for themselves: their deepest and most definitive capacity to heal us resides in this very aspect.

We humans are so free that we can even act against ourselves, thus when we come in search of awareness we must understand right and wrong in order to reach our divine likeness. We are born meeting ourselves, we learn discord, and we need to reencounter our true identity. Our body and our spirit are like two halves of one being that in each incarnatory process set out on a trajectory in search of reunion, which will signify the realization of the goal and will bear fruit. Every ray of disharmony in this process constitutes an obstacle to good fruit. But it can also be a door for the revelation of the mystery if we make a strong effort in the transmutation process. Illness is disharmony, and it can be manifested on different planes (physical, mental, and emotional). Health is the good fruit: it is the difficulty transmuted into understanding, into liberation.

Man can seek support in all the forces of creation in order to reach his potential on his path. In the plants he will be able to find specific help for every imbalance, every confrontation because in the plants we can find sentiment and sensitivity, but not self-consciousness. Their consciousness is the direct manifestation of the superior consciousness because they never disconnected from the Father. The Father endowed each plant with an aspect of His likeness and in it, put health as a sign of its perfection. Thus, when man makes use of the medicine of the plants he will be able to achieve different degrees of benefit in accordance with the plane of dialgue established with it. The more elevated our faith is in this truth, the greater the cure achieved. This refers as much to activation on the physical plane, through the action of substances on physical manifestation of sickness, as through the action of etheric substances on subtle planes of imbalance.

Plants can also become ill. However, their sicknesses have their origin in enviromental imbalances, that is, external factors. This is the reason why plants that thrive in virgin areas offer more health. In the heart of the virgin jungle in the Amazonian rainforest, therefore, a high level of health and joy of living is in force. This powerful being, survivor of the devastation of the planet, certainly contains remedies for the illnesses of our times and those to come. Its great spiritual and fertile power points toward a promise of liberation.

The jungle in flower is the most representative of this power of healing because the flowers represent the essence, heart, and soul of the plant. Through all this I come bringing these good remedies, in the hope of being able to present precious help in overcoming the imbalance and suffering that fill the cities of the world, and to offer a soft and effective remedy

1in the global healing process of humanity. The secrets of extraction of the floral essences were revealed to me through my mediummistic channel and afterwards confirmed by the work of Dr. Bach and other works in this line. The messages received from the plant elementals come accompanied by a systematic and ritualized study in the consacration of and communion with all beings.

With love, Maria Alice Campos Freire

Maria Alice Campos Freire – Madrinha of the Santo Daime Church, Mapia. Healer with Amazonian plant medicine. Founder of Centro Medicina da Floresta. Madrinha of the Umbanda ceremonies. Principal advocate for the preservation of the indigenous rain forest heritage.

In the church of the Eclectic Cult of the Santo Daime, spiritual leaders are called “padrinhos” (godfathers) and “madrinhas” (godmothers). Maria Alice became one of the madrinhas of the Santo Daime community Ceu do Mapia for her contribution as medium and healer, bringing with her the fundamentals of Umbanda to this eclectic center. Founder of Centro Medicina do Floresta (Forest Medicine Center), where, since 1989, she develops research and healings with the plants of the Amazon, as well as education of children and youngsters for the preservation of Nature and sustainable development. A member of the Alliance of Peoples of the Rainforest, she is an activist in the defense of their traditions and patrimony.

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